• Brand: Bunn
  • Model: 33500.0000
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It's not just powerful, it's smart too. Brewing an astounding 18.9 gallons of coffee each hour, which can be brewed in 0.5, 1, or 1.5 gallons batches, this machine assures your specific requests with remarkable results. All switches and electrical components may be troubleshot from the front panel with advanced diagnostic service tools. In turn, the ability to select and store individual coffee and flavor profiles using adjustable water volume, bypass percentages, pulse brews, and pre-infusion timing supplies you with the ability to manage every aspect of the brewing process. In addition, BUNN has developed the BrewWISE Recipe Writer for your PC (Windows compatible), allowing you to create individual recipe cards and dedicated funnels for any of your exceptional coffees while also condensing calibration and installation time. This software is used in conjunction with the wireless brewer-grinder interface via Smart Funnel, resulting in efficient operations to your exclusive preference. Use of this application will automatically condense calibration and simplify installation time. This machine is guaranteed for safe-operation thanks to safety features that decrease hot splashes from funnels and that eliminate brewing once a funnels or servers are not present. International electrical configurations are available.

  • Brews 302.4 (8 oz.) cups, (18.9 gallons) or (71.5 litres) of perfect coffee per hour.
  • Brews .5, 1 or 1.5 gallon (1.9, 3.8 or 5.7 litre) batches.
  • Stores individual coffee recipes so operator can easily brew many varieties.
  • Operate any combination of BrewWISE equipment error-free with wireless brewer-grinder interface through Smart Funnel
  • Reduce accidents with safety features that decrease hot splashes from funnel, eliminate brewing when funnel or server is not present.
  • Troubleshoot all switches and electrical components from the front panel with advanced diagnostic service tools.
  • Simplify installation and calibration by creating your own recipe cards and dedicated funnels with the BrewWISE Recipe Writer using your PC (Windows compatible).


  • Dimensions: 35.8"H x 18"W x 21.2"D
  • Shipping Weight: 90 lbs.
  • Power Configurations:
  • 120/240 volt/29.1 amp
  • Electrical: Model requires 3-wires plus ground service rated 120/240V, single phase, 50/60 Hz.
  • Plumbing: 20-90 psi (138-621 kPa). Machine supplied with 1/4in. male flare fitting.
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