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  • ITV Water Filtration Kits provide high quality water by removing:
  • sediments found in most water supplies contributing to cloudy ice and equipment issues
  • chlorine, which imparts an unpleasant taste and odor in water reducing the quality of beverages
  • Serves better ice and beverage quality,
  • Reduces equipment maintenance cost
  • Provides more effective equipment operation
  • ITV's Water Filtration Systems addresses the first cause of equipment issues:
  • mineral scale deposits, that decrease daily ice production
  • increase equipment maintenance costs.
  • ITV filters delivers:
  • Specially formulated scale control product that is proven most effective in controlling mineral scale, especially in high water hardness environments
  • Consistent rate ensuring predictable periods of mineral scale control resulting in mineral scale protection for entire time between filter replacements.
  • Single Kits include: single head with bracket
  • Twin Kits include a manifold with pressure gauge and one 1/2" plastic ball valve
  • Both Kits are available in the 10” (CS-10) or 16” (CS-11) cartridges depending on the ice machine´s daily production.


  • Rated Capacity Gal/L: 10,000/37,900
  • Rated Service Flow Rate gpm/cfs: 1.75/0.003
  • Oper. Pressure Min. - Max. Ps-/bar: 20-125/1.4-8.6
  • Oper. Temperature Min. - Max. (Fahrenheit/Celsius): 35-100F/1.5-38C
  • Conn. Size (inch/mm): REPLACEMENT CARTRIDGE
  • Replacement Cartridge: REPLACEMENT CARTRIDGE

NOTE: ITV requires the installation of ITV water filtration kit to ensure warranty coverage. All ITV Filtration Kits are specially designed to exclusively be replaced with ITV's replacement cartridges.

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