The Opportunity

Why The Cuda™ Coffee Vending Business?

Specialty coffee and espresso drinks are more popular now than ever! In fact, nothing is more popular with people of both genders and of all ages. We present to you an opportunity to take advantage of the fastest growing trend in the nation--specialty coffee and espresso drinks. We offer geographic distributorships to qualified people who have an entrepreneurial spirit, who understand the potential of what we offer, and have the drive to make things happen.

Gourmet coffee is experiencing the highest increase in sales among all food commodities. According to statistics from "Market for Gourmet Coffee and Tea" gourmet, coffee consumption has risen nearly 30% in each of the last 3 years and the United States has become the world's largest coffee consuming country. USA Today states espresso will become the ultimate drink in our country. We will show you how to take advantage of this phenomenal industry growth that is only expected to continue. Here are just a few of the facts about the gourmet espresso industry:

  • Coffee is today's number two selling commodity!
  • Over 70% of the adult population drink specialty coffee drinks! Furthermore 50% of adults who do drink specialty coffee drinks will consume up to 3 per day.
  • People spend an average of $3.25 per specialty coffee beverage!
  • Specialty coffee beverages can produce 71 % or greater profit margins!
  • 8.9 billion dollars were spent on specialty coffee drinks in 2004.

We approach this industry through a niche that has advantages over the typical approach most others are taking. Utilizing our fully automatic self-serve espresso vending machines you can provide quality specialty coffee drinks 24 hours a day where people work, play, shop and generally congregate. Our state of the art machines actually grinds whole beans, tamps, extracts espresso, froths and disposes of spent grinds in under 40 seconds, all at a touch of a button. The selections of drinks taste as good, if not better, than if made by a trained barista.

Drink Selections Include: Espresso, Americano, Coffee and Milk, Latte', Mochaccino, Cappuccino, French Vanilla, Chai Tea, Creamy Hot Chocolate or our own specialty French Mochaccino, all at the touch of a button, creating a beverage of equal or better quality than available at local coffee shops.

Cuda™ Coffee will assist you in developing your very own business in the gourmet espresso market. Your business will have a quality product, very little labor, and high profit margins. Depending upon your efforts, profits could be quite substantial!

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